IMEDIAL: Increasing MEDIA Literacy skills of adults to fight misinformation, fake news and cyberbullying

Implementation period: 01.10.2020 – 30.09.2022
Assistance program ERASMUS+
Project number: 2020-1-RO01-KA204-079798

Project summary:

The EC body “Media Literacy Expert Group” (MLEG) stresses the importance of training to support the ability of adults to consume the messages distributed by the media in an informed way. “Media literacy” is defined by MLEG as the set of technical, cognitive, social, civic, cultural and creative skills that enable a citizen to access, critically understand and interact with the media. All these skills allow citizens to participate in economic and social life and to play an active and conscious role in democratic processes. MLEG in June 2018, at the end of a synthesis of research conducted among EU citizens, highlighted the “need to strengthen efforts to increase media literacy at all levels” and recommended to “provide educational material to educators”, who must learn to recognise and analyse educational material and explain to their students the key terms and ideas to recognise misinformation through the principles of media literacy. The project is addressed to both students and educators. The Imedial project is a response to the need to integrate “critical thinking, information assessment and media literacy as some of the best skills for the 21st century” into education systems.”

The project aims to:

  • To extend and develop of adult educators’ media literacy skills and competences in effective teaching of those skills (especially those who work with disadvantaged learners)
  • increase media literacy skills of adult learners (especially disadvantaged).

Target groups:

  • adult educators (incl. not professionals, working in non-formal education settings, adult education centres, schools for adults, 3rd age universities, social centres, voluntary organisations, adult educators-freelancers) working with people from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • adult learners from disadvantaged backgrounds: people living in remote areas; unemployed (incl. people living in low-income households, women); senior citizens, low-skilled or low-educated people, immigrants.

Project outputs:

  • IMEDIAL workbook – methodology of conducting workshops for adult educators.
  • IMEDIAL cards – physical cards containing concrete activities/exercises – instructions for educator.
  • IMEDIAL mobile APP – Mobile application useful tool for adult educators and participants of their workshops


  • coordinator: Asociatia Centrul De Dezvoltare ARAD (RO)
  • Consorzio MateraHub Industrie Culturali e Creative (IT)
  • CWEP Stowarzyszenie Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiebiorczosci (PL)
  • CSI Center for Social Innovation (GR)
  • Asociación Valencia Inno Hub (ES)
  • E&D Knolwdge Consulting LDA (PL)
  • LABC srl (IT)