Cura (m) is an ancient latin term with a profound meaning of thought, solicitude, concern, but also anxiety and shortness of breath. Care is a serious work, with its rules, its limits, its difficulties and satisfactions. Care-work can be a work of art.

Care-work can be offered to people with various roles and ranks, in a continuum from professionals (psychologists, educators, teachers …) to parents.

Regardless of the diversity of roles and the various ranks that culture has embroidered around it, care-work always involves a speech of its own.

Every speech implies a significant structure, made of subject, verb, object, complement.

Anyone who has experienced care-work knows that the only subject of care is those who request it, who uses it. The subject as a unique object of care.

We like to place our approach within this grammar. For this reason LABC created a group of psychologists and psychotherapists, colleagues and professionals with various orientations in order to offer a set of praxis, techniques and work methodologies that allow us to develop a flexible and modulated intervention based on the needs arising from each single group or the organizations.

LABC list of training:

  • 2019 – Toward the integration of social and health services, for Trento Autonomous Province
  • 2019 – il gioco degli specchi (Trento)