F2L – Free 2 Link: promoting the awareness of e-trafficking through practical tools and training

Implementation period: 03.11.2020 – 31.10.2022
Assistance program Horizon 2020
Project number: 101005690

Project summary:

The project aims to connect organisations working in asylum systems, integration programmes and support for victims of trafficking in women in Italy, Greece and on European routes, to increase the capacity of frontline staff, both public and private, to identify victims of e-trafficking at an early stage. Through the project, a solid multi-stakeholder network that includes civil society organisations and public authorities join forces to elaborate and disseminate knowledge to promote the early emergence of e-trafficking, including e-learning modules and an awareness-raising online platform.

The project aims to:

  • Build updated and accessible knowledge on e-trafficking;
  • Create an online, multi-language, multi-user platform on e-trafficking accessible by staff and stakeholders to enhance early identification of victims of e-trafficking and e-recruitment;
  • Train frontline staff, public and private actors (including local authorities and law enforcement officials) on the use of the platform through face-to-face courses and e-learning modules ;
  • Raise awareness on the phenomenon of e-trafficking in the countries of origin through collaborations with local NGOs and civil society actors whose staff and network will benefit from the e-learning modules

Target groups:

  • frontline staff,
  • public and private actors (including local authorities and law enforcement officials)

Project outputs:

  • multilingual and multi-user online platform on electronic traffic accessible by staff and stakeholders
  • guideline for teaching and e-learning modules;


  • DRC Greece (GE)
  • Cwep (PL)
  • LABC srl (IT)


Website: https://free2link.eu/