The supervision aims to explore the visions, analysis, path of awareness-raising concerning social, professionals and personal dynamics by opening to the process of connection between the professional approach and the inner world of each individual.
The group-dimension of the supervision is functional to foster the competence of the professionals, concerning skills, praxis, emotional feedback and experiences.
LABC approach opens to meanings, confrontation, relations, offering chances to explore “what is what” and “belong-to” the different points of view on what’s individual, personal, professional.
The supervisions work with groups that may vary: single teams, individuals, different teams working in the same field.

The group dimension itself operates to define a meta-space focused on the relation of care, on the desires, on the transference components which transcends the specificity of the field of intervention.

LABC supervisions and group-work activities are conducted also as daily and multi-daily experiential seminars, both in Italian and in English.


LABC supervisions list:

-2020 Social workers service of the Municipality of Rovereto

-2020 integrated educational service for minors and adults with disabilities, Domus c.s. Biella

– 2020 Asilo Allende for the Municipality of Grugliasco

– from 2019 onward: women shelter & support centre “Non sei sola – you are not alone” in Biella

– from 2019 onward: educational support and daily centre for people with disabilities in Mondovì (Torino)