ECILP – European Certificate for Intercultural Learning Professionals

Implementation period: 01.10.2020 – 30.09.2022
Assistance program ERASMUS+
Project number: 2020-1-DE02-KA202-007583

Project summary:

Companies with a social impact take advantage of the growing awareness of society toward social and environmental problems, transforming these challenges into working and business opportunities related to the great social and environmental challenges. Beside SMEs being vast majority of all enterprises, there is the growing importance of co-working spaces for free-lancers and young entrepreneurs, with more than 14.000 operators around the world. Co-working is a multi-dimensional booming industry and a strengthening cultural movement re-modelling the very notion of what workplace is beyond the traditional schemes. Several needs are identified by co-working spaces, co-workers and entrepreneurs, among which the need to improve the level of social interaction in the co-working space to increase the social impact of their activities.

Target groups:

  • entrepreneurs in a co-working context
  • future and wanna-be entrepreneurs in VET and C-VET contexts
  • organisations that provide VET and C-VET training
  • services of support to entrepreneurs

They are mostly aged 25-40 with high creative and technological profile, but need to upskill their soft skills to increase the social impact of their projects

Project outputs:

  • a Mobile report about social and environmental entrepreneurs’ skills demand according to representatives from the sector, entrepreneurs, trainers, and assessors
  • a COWLECTIVE online training package on the main skills needed by entrepreneurs to rise the social and environmental positive impact of their companies
  • a COWLECTIVE learning method for social impact, including recommendations on the training package, collective learning tools and network


  • coordinator: CoWorking Plus (DK)
  • MEUS (ES)
  • Cwep (PL)
  • LABC srl (IT)