VISE Virtual Integrated Startups Ecosystem

Implementation period: 01.11.2020 – 31.10.2022
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2020-1- KA202-2020-023

Project summary:

The aim of the project to enhance access to quality trainings and assessment in entrepreneurship according to EntreComp framework for startuppers and wannabe entrepreneurs and strengthen competences in the area of entrepreneurship regarding the innovative practices in a digital area. Furthermore, Virtual Integrated Start-ups Ecosystem will be digital, open and freely accessible for the public.

Also, the project assures that many learners will use it to develop high-quality skills and competences, extremely relevant for opening and running a company in the current. Additionally, Ecosystem will consist of:

  • skills’ assessment tool
  • multimedia based tests assessing 6 skills and resulting in the individual entrepreneurial roadmap
  • e-course consisting of training modules on corresponding 6 skills
  • Entrepreneurial Coach
  • mutual learning platform allowing for connecting and sharing and promotion of products and services.

Through the use of ecosystem, target groups will become aware of their own skills and having development path, will be motivated to follow it. They will also gain new contacts, cooperation possibilities. Having better skills and better contacts, chances of their businesses operating successfully will be higher. Finally, several events will be launched in the last month of the project by the partners too.

Target groups:

  • Startuppers/wannabe entrepreneurs/startups
  • Companies, networks of companies, VET providers and VET Trainers (organisations that provide VET learning or have access to start-ups and entrepreneurs, as stakeholders.

Project outputs:

While the project will produce one main result Virtual Integrated Start-ups Ecosystem, on the way to produce the final version of the ecosystem, smaller results will be elaborated, which are:

  • methodology of research together with the tools (questionnaires and focus groups scenario),
  • report from the research,
  • set of questions, quizzes, mini-scenes for the assessment tool and the assessment tool itself,
  • mechanism for creation of the roadmap and the roadmap,
  • content of 6 training modules,
  • curriculum of the course and e-learning course itself


  • Coordinator: BrainLog – (DK)
  • MEUS – Markeut Skills Sociedad Limitada – (ES)
  • CWEP (PL)
  • LABC (IT)
  • Panepistimio Thessalias (EL)
  • CKE (PL)
  • E&D Knowledge Consluting (PT)

Project website :