DEPAL free online Italian workshop on digital education, participatory learning and digital storytelling

The “DEPAL – Digital Education & PArticipatory Learning” Italian workshop is addressed to Italian speaking educators and care-work professionals, but also to teachers and social workers.

Through 5 work sessions spread over 5 different days, Paolo Brusa and Angela Salvatore will introduce you to the participatory community learning process, experiencing firsthand the magic and practices of digital storytelling.

The proposed experience was tested in recent months at a European level with participants from seven different countries, and aims to introduce the context, the theory, the logic and the practices of participatory and digital learning in the care intervention with adults.

The workshop allow to experience what is like to be part of a learning community where the facilitators, with the extraordinary participation of Frank Naughton and Jacqui Cage (Partners Training for Transformation – IE) and of Karen Wynne (Liverpool World Center – UK), will pass on their experiences gained over years of nursing practice and community interventions, in order to make them usable by professionals who intend to explore and develop their knowledge by opening up to curiosity and amazement.

It is a call to explore the unknown, to encounter what has yet to be created.

The workshop allows you to participate in the experience of sharing what has been learned so far, to embrace what is still to be discovered, to generate new content from a common learning process. It is a collective act of generativity.

The workshop program is structured as follows:

  • Friday 26 February 2021 (15.oo> 18.oo) session 1: photolanguage, or the exploration of listening to and listening through
  • Saturday 27 February 2021 (10.oo> 13.oo) session 2: the speech of the three languages
  • Saturday 6 March 2021 (10.oo> 13.oo) session 3: introduction to digital storytelling
  • Saturday 13 March 2021 (10.oo> 13.oo) session 4: digital storytelling: creating a visual speach from the individual to the community through the experience of a collective narrative
  • Saturday 20 March 2021 (10.oo> 13.oo) session 5: the meaning of the journey is its path: sharing of the experience and of the produced digital storytelling materials

The workshop is free after a mandatory registration via email to

In the mail there should contain the following indications: the subject “DEPAL – workshop Italia” and containing the registration details (name-surname, name and address of the organization, email and telephone).

Sending the registration implies the agreement to the use of the contacts details according to the legislation provided for by GDPR 2016/679.

Once registration is complete, participants will receive a confirmation containing the invitation to the workshop that will be held online on the zoom platform, together with the link to download for free “Participatory learning and digital learning: a guide for adult educators.”.

To ensure the construction of a participatory community path through the use of digital storytelling, a continuous presence is required at all meetings.

The online workshop will be in Italian and it is open to a maximum of 25 participants. For workshop in Spanish, English and Greek, please refer to the forthcoming announcements on the project website and on dedicated facebook page.

The classroom will be completed as enrollments progress, and no selection will be made. At the end of the workshop a certificate of attendance will be sent to the attendants for participatingin a training funded by the Erasmus + program – learning partnerships.