share teaching, pedagogy and proximity in remote

It happens. It happens more often that we might think. Discovering that you can. Beyond and instead of “what must be or must be done”.

Every one can. Every and each one can enter into a discourse based of the dimension of “potere” (power), the authentic dimension in italian of the substantivization of the modal verb “potere” (can). The power whose outcome depends on how we live it. The power of the word, of dialogue, of encounter. Which is always individual, also and above all when it concerns a meeting.

Yesterday’s webinar allowed us to share teaching, pedagogy and proximity from remote.

It was a pleasure for us. Like all pleasures, it cannot be measured by numbers, but it can be lived and shared with the passion of being, in the dimension of meeting the other: teacher, student, parent. Human.

Pleasure, passion, love for sharing knowledge, humanity, to meet the other.

These are the things we hope we shared and circulated during yesterday webinar.

Then, of course, there are also the numbers. 

And these numbers pleased us, just as well.

Because they tell us that the idea of ​​sharing knowledge and experience on the “how” to live the dimension of distance learning, without suffering it, but discovering that it can be lived as a new place, in which to discover the magic of the encounter between skills and incompetences that always manifest themselves in a meeting. A meeting between the knowledge of the teachers, the experience of the parents, the technical skills of the students.

So, we can give the numbers, a little bit. Sometimes, as psychoanalysis teaches us, it’s not that bad to have numbers.

1 hour webinar

35 online participants

22 requests to receive podcasts / registration for those who were unable to attend

2 days to prepare it and share it on the web

over 470 passes in 2 those days

over 70 interactions and 11 shares

On behalf of LABC, and of Paolo Brusa and Angela Salvatore in particular, a thank you for having lived with us the pleasure of sharing this meeting.

In the next two weeks, we will be busy completing the submission of new Erasmus+ projects, which will be largely dedicated to training and teaching.

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See you soon, and, as we like to say, good everything