Free2Link – F2L: a Horizon2020 project to combat e-trafficking and online grooming of women and girls.

The disappearance of the visibility of female exploitation does not mean its overcoming, but more simply a concealment from concrete evidence. E-trafficking is one of the main modalities for the sexual exploitation of women and girls.

The “F2L – Free 2 Link” project is funded by the Horizon2020 program to combat this phenomenon, to support professionals in early identification of victims of trafficking and to connect organizations operating in the European asylum systems, in various integration programs and to support women victims of trafficking in Italy, Greece and on European routes.

The project implementation sees the collaboration between Progetto Tenda coop.soc, LABC and the Foundation for Social Innovation (IT), CWEP (PL) and DRC (GR). It aims at the following main objectives:

  • offer tools for updated and accessible knowledge on e-trafficking
  • create an online, multilingual and multi-user platform on e-trafficking accessible by staff and interested parties to improve the early identification of victims
  • training of frontline staff, both public and private actors (including local authorities and law enforcement agencies) on the use of the platform through face-to-face courses and e-learning modules
  • raise awareness of the e-trafficking phenomenon through dedicated dissemination and communication activities in Italy, Poland and Greece in order to integrate the experience gathered on e-trafficking with the involvement of regional authorities and representatives of other EU destination countries.

The training activities focus on the recruiting process and online exploitation through the use of dark web, but also of social media, apps and common sites to blackmail and force women into sexual exploitation and possible mitigation measures.

The project focuses on the early emergence of cases of trafficking or attempted trafficking and on the development of up-to-date preventive measures, instead of “only” post-exploitation protection. The result is enhanced assistance to victims in reception settings and a competent international community supported by dedicated tools and training.

For more information, follow the progress of the project by registering and on the dedicated section of our website, on the project webpage on the dedicated social channels on facebook and linkedin.

The invisibility of a problem never indicates its resolution, more simply it tells us that it is using communication channels that are more or less consciously ignored. For this reason it is essential that the professionals who work in various capacities in the world of personal care , are able to recognize the signs of exploitation and e-trafficking as early as possible. In front of the victims of trafficking, we can not hide, instead we can offer a space for conscious care and protection, with skills and tools appropriate to its gravity and vastness. ” – Paolo Brusa