FREE WEBINAR: teaching remote proximity – Wednesday 8 April – 1st edition in Italian only

It’s been weeks of many things. For all and everyone. For adults. For teachers. For students.
Weeks of domestic enclosure, far from normality. Of drastic reduction of direct social contacts. Of absence of possibility to access open spaces to enjoy happiness and physicality. Of hyper-reception of the concerns of the moment.
We decided to share our skills as professional trainers with the experiences as adults and parents.

In LABC we are convinced supporters of participatory learning and of sharing from below. Consequently, LABC organize a free webinar, dedicated to Italian teachers and parents, to:

  • enter the world of distance learning
  • look at it from the perspective of the boys and girls to whom teaching is dedicated
  • listen to what the kids say with their online behavior

Angela Salvatore and Paolo Brusa will be online on Wednesday 8 April 2020 at 15.30 CET for a first half hour of confrontation and shared discussion.
Signing up is easy:
– simply send an email to: with the subject: “free webinar – Wednesday 8 April 2020” – Important notice: this first version of the webinar is in Italian
– registration will close at 5.00 pm on Tuesday
– we will send a confirmation email with the link to connect directly to the webinar

We are waiting for you