DEPAL free workshop in Italy: digital education, participatory learning & digital storytelling

We have kept some free places to register and participate in the free Italian version of the workshop “DEPAL – Digital Education & PArticipatory Learning”, targeted at educators and care professionals, but also teachers and social workers which will start on Friday 26 afternoon and will continue on four following Saturdays (February 27 and then March 6, 13 and 20).

In these weeks of preparation, Paolo Brusa and Angela Salvatore designed the workshop structure, which has been enriched by new contributions from friends and colleagues who wanted to give us their space for words and sharing.

In the 5 scheduled work sessions, we will share a community participatory learning process, experiencing first hand the magic and practices of digital storytelling together with:

Karen Wynne (Liverpool World Center – UK), “Speaking in the community”

Jacqui Gage (Partners Training for Transformation – IE), “The three languages ​​of the word”

Fabio Geda (writer), “How emotion rhymes with narration”

Nicolò Terminio (psychoanalyst), “the value of narration in the transition from trauma to plot”

Carlo Timpanaro (trainer and director), “quality in the voice, in the pause, in the silence”

Enrico Gentina (curator TEDxTorino), “every story has its own voice, every voice has its own story”

Juri DiMolfetta (educator and writer), “small stories make great history”

With them and with all the participants, we will live together the experience of being a learning community, finding and discovering ourselves in the plot of a real that we will write, read, build, share together.

We remind you that the workshop is structured as follows:

Friday, February 26, 2021 (15.oo> 18.oo) session 1: photolanguage, or an exploration of feeling and listening

Saturday 27 February 2021 (10.oo> 13.oo) session 2: the speech of the three languages

Saturday 6 March 2021 (10.oo> 13.oo) session 3: introduction to digital storytelling

Saturday 13 March 2021 (10.oo> 13.oo) session 4: digital storytelling, or from individual discourse to discourse as a unity: the experience of building a collective narrative

Saturday 20 March 2021 (10.oo> 13.oo) session 5: the meaning of the journey is in the path: sharing of experience and materials produced

The workshop is free. To participate you must:

register via email to  indicating as the subject “DEPAL – workshop Italia” and containing the details for registration (name-surname, name and address of the institution, email and telephone)

all subscribers will receive an email on Wednesday 24th with the materials sent to those who have signed up so far, together with the link to connect and the indications to start the work together

To guarantee the construction of a participatory community path through the use of digital storytelling, a continuous presence is required at all meetings

at the end, a certificate of attendance will be sent to all as participants in a training funded by the Erasmus + program – partnerships for learning

We are waiting for you