Speech Space

we are all experiencing an extremely complicated moment in which restrictions and closures affect all people.

Different individuals are touched at multiple levels: teachers, parents, youngsters and students, care-workers, volunteers. People are all touched deeply, both as individual and as professionals, by a powerful dissonance between the compression in the work-life spaces on the one hand, and on the other hand, an indefinite expansion of time linked to the dimension of imposed domiciliary and isolation, with all that concerns the family workload, the caregiving and the lack of normality. These conditions might increase the level of internal tension.

The complexity of daily management, combined with the discomfort and the real and / or perceived seriousness of the health situation, reaffirms the need to build open support spaces.

LABC decided to share its internal skills with a wide group of external collaborators to create a network capable of offering speech-spaces  in which everyone might confront the different dimensions with which we live the reality, share the existing and the existential dimension of these hard days, discover and re-discover the humanity of the encounter with the other.

Starting from the evidence that nothing can be compared to a presence meeting, we made possible the presence of a meeting, by sharing ideas, perspectives, IT skills, individual and human availability. We believe it is very important to specify that:

• each session of speech-space has a maximum duration of 30 minutes

• it is a space dedicated to listening and to human confrontation (at the moment it is mainly in Italian, see the list of availability below in the booking calendars)

• It is NOT a therapeutic space. In case of need, an invitation will be shared to contact dedicated colleagues able to respond to eventual specific needs

• as an existential meeting space, it is an absolutely FREE: no cost will be attributed to those who request it by booking in the calendar, and no compensation will be received by professionals who offer their time

• at least in this first experimental phase, to allow more people to access this opportunity, a maximum of three meetings can be booked by each individual

The speech-spaces is available for free and allow you to:

  • enter the link “speech space
  • view the list of colleagues and choose from the available calendars the person to contact, the day and time to meet remotely, using Skype, Zoom or other VOIP tools
  • book on the online calendar
  • those who book will receive a confirmation of the appointment, and will be contacted on the chosen day and time
  • at the time of booking the meeting, the colleague will receive the notification and will take care of contacting the person who booked at the day and time indicated
  • if you don’t find an available space, contact us, we will get in touch

The Speech-space is a space in which everyone can share experiences, emotions, difficulties of the current hard days of isolation, a space where it is possible to meet and regain the deepest sense of human solidarity and listening. We are waiting for you.

ps: we are working to create a network of professionals and organizations to which everyone can refer for an individual speech-space (already available) and for a group-speech-space (in preparation).

To the all colleagues and organizations Europe-wide who might be interested to share part of their time and competence to enlarge this opportunity to more people, please contact LABC directly. We will have a brief introductory interview before collecting their availability. We are waiting for you.

At the moment, this is the list of organizations and single professionals:

  • LABC – Paolo Brusa – psychologist under Lacan  approach-  www.paolobrusa.eu & www.labcentro.it

Angela Salvatore – life-job coach

Claudia Guidi – psychologist psychotherapist and psycho-dramatist

  • Studio Mana – Annamaria Frammartino -psychotherapist and psychodramatist – www.facebook.com/manapsiche/

Luca Pinciaroli – psychologist psychotherapist and art-therapist – www.facebook.com/manapsiche/

Giorgia Bartolini – psychologist psychotherapist under cognitive constructivist approach

Giancarlo Rossi –  psychologist psychotherapist under group-analytic approach

Luca Sacchi – psychologist psychotherapist under psychoanalytic  approach and mindfulness protocol